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Emergent Permian Period: 299 - 252 mya

Features of the Permian period: 299 - 252 mya:

the 6th (final) period of the Paleozoic era

1) Reptiles diversified and dominated both herbivorous and carnivorous terrestrial organisms.

2) The Permian extinction, "...a complex environmental catastrophe and mass extinction of life...," (The Geologic Time Scale, 2012, p. 682) leads to 95% extinction of marine organisms.

3) The supercontinent, Pangea, is complete, as Siberia (of Laurasia) collides with northern Euramerica, forming the Ural Mountains, while the southern latitudes are comprised of the compression of future South America, Africa, India, Australia, and Antarctica.

4) Mammalian ancestors, the therapsids, begin to evolve.

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