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Emergent Evolution

What's So Natural About Natural Selection?

adapted from Biology, 10th Edition, 2015, pp. 9-14, 23

natural selection


The major mechanism by which evolution proceeds, whereby the environment selects the best-adapted organisms for survival, i.e., organisms that: 1) best obtain and use resources; 2) escape predators; 3) resist disease; and

4) withstand environmental changes.


Natural Selection favors those individuals with genes that specify those traits that allow them to respond effectively to those pressures exerted by the environment.

These organisms are more likely to survive and reproduce, and, thereby, pass their genetically derived adaptations for survival on to their offspring, which is called:


differential reproduction:

This occurs when, because of its advantageous characteristics, a greater proportion of these better-adapted organisms will survive and reproduce, thus passing on their survival strengths.

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